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        1. Welcome to the official website of Ruite! | English | ?簡體中文

          Reiter Overview

          Danyang Right tools Co.,Ltd is located in famous tool base of Danyang. This enterprise is young and full of energetic and innova tion. We specilized in producing HSS rotary burrs, Carbide Rotary burrs, nail files.Dental kits, Medical tools,HSS end mill, HSS annul ar cutters,HSS wood cutters, wood working drills, non-standard special tools etc. We have our owned R&D center. Our products are mainly selling to Europe, America, Mid-East, South-east Asia etc.Right tools adheres to the principle of “integrity world, technological innovation, harmonious development”,We keep on providing our excellence tools and best service to our customers .based on precision quality and professional technology.

          Take your time to visit our website: www.right-tools.com you will get what you need.

          Always choice, right tools from us.

          Corporate Philosophy
          • Corporate Vision
            Committed to the development of the service tool industry
          • Our Mission
            Serving the country by industry, contributing to society, serving the people
            Benefit employees
          • Corporate purposes
            Survival by quality, win-win with integrity, and innovative development
            Brand wins
          • Enterprise Spirit
            Seeking truth and being pragmatic, honesty, unity and cooperation
            Dare to innovate
          • Operating Strategy
            Market first, customer oriented, quality enterprise
            benefit sharing
          • Market Concept
            Measure the situation and react quickly
          • Quality Concept
            Perseverance and excellence
          • Learning Concept
            Self-elimination self-transcendence
          • Innovative Ideas
            Ideas determine the way out, innovation determines the future
          • Work Concept
            Save time, lean and efficient
          • Morality
            Integrity Integrity Responsibility Cooperation
          • Boutique Concept
            Strive for perfection and climb the peak
          • +86-0511-86198783 / 86198583
          • +86-13906105915
          • tang@dihoo.net
          • Address: Maixiguan Alley, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province
          Contact Us
          We will provide you with better service
          Our Products
          Copyright ? Danyang Ruite Tools Co., Ltd. All rights reserved
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